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What is an estate sale? Do I need to have antiques and/or high-end items?

An Estate Sale consists of an entire collection of household items within the home. There is always a market for domestic items as well as antiques & collectibles. We offer sales for estates varying from 1200 sq. ft. to 12,000 sq. ft. Allow us to offer a complimentary in-home evaluation which will help determine if an estate sale will be right for you. 

How do I prepare for an Estate Sale?

DO NOT donate or throw anything away!! Another’s trash is Another’s treasure! Let our team evaluate and determine the value for you! All we ask that you do if possible is to remove items you wish to keep and let us do the rest!

She Sells Estate Sales,LLC. has a qualified, experienced team within their field of expertise such as vintage, antiques, coins, jewelry, and furniture (antique to modern) but not limited to. We also have appraisers we work with for specific/rare items. Rest assure your items will be evaluated to bring you the best price possible.

How are prices determined for fair market value? What if I have valuable collectables, coins or antiques?

What if I am out of town/state and need to hire SSES, LLC. for an Estate sale in Central Florida?

We can assist every step of the way! We will secure all personal items such as photos, memoirs, items you wish to keep, etc. We can schedule a videocall via Zoom/Facetime so you can personally evaluate the property and present you with a presell inventory. We will keep you posted before, during and after via phone, email and video. And as always welcome your calls/emails for any questions, concerns, or check-ins. At the closing of the sale you will receive a closing packet, access keys as well as payment for the items sold.

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